1. Objectives

    Lecturers of Colleges and Universities, teachers of preschool, Primary school, secondary school and high school

  2. Registration
  3. Application form (as sample)
  4. Notarized copy of the highest degree corresponding to the professional title (Doctor, Master, Bachelor…)
  5. Notarized copy of the labor contract or agency’s certification of titles and code
  6. Notarized copy of ID or citizen identification
  7. 01 picture (size 4x6cm)
  8. Location: Vinh University and linked institutions
  9. Time

    Registration time: from July 5th 2017

    The opening ceremony time: middle of July 2017

    Duration course: one month and a half (every Saturday and Sunday)

  10. Fees

    3.000.000 VND/course/student

  11. Contact

Center for continuing education, Vinh University, 182 Le Duan street, Vinh City, Nghe An Province

Mobile phone: 0904.395.625 (Mr. Nhan), 0972558676 (Mr. Dong), , 0915.770777 (Mr. Dung), 0913.027367 (Mr. Hau), 0904 600 246 (Mr. Thanh)

Email: nhannd@vinh.uni.edu.vndongpt@vinhuni.edu.vnlevanhaudhv@gmail.combvdung@gmail.com. thanhlh@vinhuni.edu.vn