1. Objects

1.1. Students, learners, officers of intermediate schools, colleges and universities

1.2. Teachers, officers are required IT qualification according to Professional Title Standards

1.3. Other objects are in demand

2. Applied conditions

- A valid application form, full payment for examination fee

3. Registration

- Candidates directly register at Vinh University (the 1st floor of Building A0)

- Application form includes:

  • Application form (download here)
  • Two pictures (size 4x6cm)


4. Fees

4.1. Reviewing, examination and certificate fee: 1.450.000 VND

4.2 For Vinh University student: 1.050.000VND


5. Time: the opening ceremony of the course is opening every week

6. Contact

Tuition fees Department for short term certificate: the 1st floor of Building A0, Vinh Unviersity, 182 Le Duan Street, Vinh City, Nghe An Province

Tel: 0383.733.666

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Son, Mobile phone: 0983.799233

Email: ntson@vinhuni.edu.vn; thanhsondhv@gmail.com.

Mrs. Pham Quynh Nhu,  Mobile phone: 0949.785557